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Public Air Transportation

Medical evacuation

Cargo Transport

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Business aircraft for companies

Tight schedules, multiple meetings, multiple site visits in a single day… 

We allow business people to optimize their time while using the safest and most comfortable method for their business trips.



The solution closest to your needs

Due to its size, the cab plane is one of the most cost-effective solutions for short distance flights. It also saves time, which is an important detail for business travel.

Whether it is a light jet or a turboprop aircraft, it can land and take off on the short runways of local airports, dropping passengers closer to their final destination than major airports.



Optimization of point-to-point displacement

The helicopter offers an unparalleled level of flexibility: point-to-point flight offers considerable advantages in terms of efficiency and considerably reduces the time spent on ground transfers.



Fast and safe patient transport

Chartering an ambulance plane is the safest and fastest way to transport patients who are too weak to withstand the constraints of commercial flights.

Global Aviation has access to a variety of medical aircraft to transfer patients and their loved ones with a medical crew on board.

These jets, turboprops and helicopters are specially equipped to transport the sick or injured, including breathing apparatus, electrocardiographs, resuscitation equipment and stretchers.

Our Destinations

International Coverage: No matter where you arrive or depart from, the network of offices around the world allows you to benefit from an excellent knowledge of local markets.

About Us

Founded in 2015, Global Aviation is an air transport company specializing in commercial flights in West Africa. 

Global Aviation operates under 4 Air Operator Certificates (AOC) issued in Mauritania, Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso.

Thanks to our fleet of aircraft that can adopt different configurations in a very short period of time, we meet the varied needs of our customers, whether it is to transport passengers, cargo or both. We offer transportation services to all regions, including gravel runways in remote areas.

Global Aviation stands out for the safety of its equipment and services. We use a high-performance operational control system based on satellite flight tracking and highly qualified personnel. 

Our team is made up of experienced pilots, flight attendants, certified flight dispatchers and mechanics among the most professional in the industry. Together, they ensure the reliability of each of our flights and allow us to offer a service of rare quality.

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Watch the video presentation of our technical partner SERAIR company. 

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Our Fleet

We have a large fleet to meet all our customers’ needs.

Our fleet consists of the following aircraft: 

  • 3 Beechraft 1900C
  • 2 Beechraft 1900D
  • 1 Cessna 208B
  • 1 Cessna 172J
  • 1 Bonmbardier Learjet 45
  • 1 Helicopter Agusta Westland 109E
  • 1 Helicopter Agusta Westland 139

Contact Us

Available, flexible and reactive, all our teams are at your disposal to meet your needs!

+222 2736 8851
+226 5650 5252 +226 0274 5151 +226 7903 3030

Mauritanie Office : NOT 667 – Tevragh Zeina –  BP3186 – Nouakchott – Mauritanie.

Burkina Faso Office: Ouaga 2000, Section 479, Lot 10, Parcelle 15
09 BV 30002 – Ouagadougou 09 – Burkina Faso.